About Us

TINTED began as a search to find a personalized fit in the growing digital beauty space that didn’t feel accessible to “all the shades in between.” Despite incredible change and moves towards more diversity, many women and others still felt they were missed or looked over even in these progressive beauty spaces. We created TINTED & wanted to reach those people, to hear what they felt was missing, and to learn how they wanted to be represented authentically. We want to share the importance of strong personal identity in order to build out our niche presence in beauty as part of the normal standard – to be seen as fully immersed, and no longer as a token or a check mark.

Over the course of our TINTED journey, we found a community that continues to grow, full of insight, curiosity, excitement, and educated voices. We have found challenges and difficulties in the beauty space for not just one ethnicity or skin tone, but ones that span many. We found similarities and experiences that connected cultures, moved through genders, and crossed barriers of race and identity beyond what we expected. This connectivity in the #livetinted community is what we continue to seek out and to grow – to build a space where not only members of our #TintFam can learn from each other, but people whom we can learn from as well.  We hope to keep pushing for these cross-cultural connections, to build bridges through beauty experiences, and to continue to build a positive environment for all the shades.

Our mission is for our community to feel welcomed and contribute to the conversation, and integrate their beauty needs into the norm. To be a forethought, and no longer an afterthought. We are doing this as a social-first platform that is focusing on building out these conversations and being a hub where our #TintFam can come, learn, and discuss.

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Stay #Tinty!