About Us


SO what is TINTED?

At TINTED, we’ve long felt a fracture when it comes to representation of women who fall into “all the shades in between” –  those whose skin tones differ from the traditional offerings of the beauty industry. For too long, both beauty companies and media have either overlooked, or simply have not fully understood the different needs of the TINTED community. We see the tides shifting, and we could not be more excited – TINTED is here to do our part in telling the stories of underrepresented spaces in beauty, and applauding brands who do the same.


Our content and discussions mainly live on @livetinted across social media, and are delivered weekly through our #NoShadeNews. Wherever you do find us, we aim to spark new conversations about intersectionality in the beauty space, to amplify those deserving of a broader audience, to find ways to build connections and help our TintFam discover beauty solutions.  We chose phrases like “No Shade”, “Hue to Know”, and of course, all of our #tinty forms, because we feel there is a need to start from the basics, and to communicate about the foundations (ha) of color theory and complexion – we want to understand what and why makeup works for all the branches of our TINTED family, and hopefully help our community (& us!) understand more about themselves in the process. 


The TINTED woman is not from a single place, race or ethnicity. Certainly, you’ll see many of the people featured here represent multiple backgrounds themselves! We are not a one-size-fits-all demographic and we know our TintFam represents a range of opinions, political or otherwise, that is as diverse as the spectrum of our shades and hues. We do not pretend to be a place to take sides except for one: TINTED will always stand up for inclusivity and the freedom of women to make their own choices. We encourage our TintFam to feel confident, beautiful and celebrated for who they are – that’s what it means to #livetinted.


Peace, Love, and Stay Tinty 💛