10 Small Businesses Doing It Right

Hey Tint Fam, we hope you are all safe and healthy! The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is monumental, and in these trying times it’s important to show some TLC to your favorite small businesses. To help spread awareness, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite small businesses that are killing the game in a myriad of different industries. From sustainability to beauty, we are confident that you’ll find a new small business to love!

  1. Girlfriend Collective (IG: @girlfriend): Looking for new athleisure, then Girlfriend Collective is your answer! Not only are they size inclusive (XXS-6XL), but also all of their pieces are made from recycled materials. Girlfriend Collective’s ideals of sustainability, inclusivity, and fair labor practices only makes us fall in love with the brand even more. 
  2. Undefined Beauty (IG: @undefinedbeauty_co): Undefined Beauty is on the forefront of the clean beauty mission. Using CBD, an all-natural anti-inflammatory agent, Undefined Beauty is able to give you the results you want without the use of parabens and silicones. Their commitment to maintaining a vegan, cruelty free, and sustainably sourced brand makes for look-good and feel-good products. 
  3. Beauty Bakerie (IG: @beautybakeriemakeup): One of our favorite fellow inclusive beauty brands to support is Beauty Bakerie. All of their products come in a wide range of shades and their website is equipped with a “foundation finder” to help discover your perfect fit. Their setting powder is a Team LT favorite! The spirit of giving is behind all of the Beauty Bakerie’s amazing products, as a portion of every purchase goes toward funding qualified orphanages.
  4. FIGS (IG: @wearfigs): In these crazy times we need to remember to thank all of the doctors and nurses in our lives, and there is no better way to do that than with a pair of FIGS scrubs. FIGS are designed to not only provide comfort and high performing materials, but also add some flair to the traditional scrubs. They have a variety of different scrubs and lab coats in nearly every color imaginable. We love that FIGS is also taking the initiative to support PPE production, a frontline responders fund, and scrub donation.
  5. Billie (IG: @billie): Billie is a razor and shaving supply company that is dedicated to abolishing the Pink Tax and putting an end to body hair shaming. We are obsessed with their affordable, colorful, and effective razors! They’re subscription based service definitely helps in this quarantine period and their commitment to creating clean products make them all the better.
  6. Kahmune (IG: @kahmune): Have you ever struggled to find the perfect nude shoe for your skintone? Us too! Kahmune responded to this age old problem by creating ten shades of nude for all of their shoes. Inclusivity for the win! From flats to high heels, you can trust that Kahmune will provide high quality nude shoes that you will feel confident wearing. 
  7. Aavrani (IG: @aavrani): Keeping in the spirit of “back to our roots,” Aavrani is a skincare brand that specializes in products that draw on traditional Indian beauty rituals. The key ingredients in all of their products are all-natural and from the Earth. We love their mission of embracing natural beauty, all while using their platform to support female education in India! 
  8. Blume (IG: @blume): Blume fights to end period shaming by creating a community based on inclusivity and empowerment. They have created environmentally friendly period and self care products that really do the job. Their products are available for one time purchase or on a subscription basis via their super cute boxes. We totally support their mission and are excited by the awareness their products spread.
  9. By Humankind (IG: @byhumankind): If you are looking for ways to reduce your waste, then By Humankind is your answer. By Humankind has formulated a variety of clean personal care products designed to cut out single use plastics. We love how transparent they are with their ingredients and their containers are meant to last for multiple refills. 
  10. Diaspora Co (IG: @diasporaco): Diaspora Co. uses their platform to bring equality and fairness back to the Indian spice trade. All of their “Made In India,” spices are supported by sustainable agriculture and celebrate the rich cultures of India. By cutting out the middleman, Diaspora Co is able to fairly compensate farmers and provide you with the most delicious spices on the market!

We hope you check out a few of our favorite small businesses! Your work in supporting small businesses will not go unnoticed! Share your favorite small businesses in the comments section below. 

Image via @girlfriend.