5 At-Home Workout Tips

Hey Tint Fam, today’s blog post is from Team LT’s Mesha, who is talking all about her at-home workout tips! Keep reading to find out what she has to say…

If you know me you know that pre-COVID, I was a OrangeTheory Fitness fiend. Now that we’re cooped up inside, I’ve had to readjust. I’m not much of a runner, nor do I own anything resembling a Peloton, and believe me when I say that I could sit in my pajamas ALL DAY. While lounging all day sounds like a dream, it isn’t exactly great for my mental or physical health. 

I’m sure those of you who are adjusting to WFH can relate, so I’m here to share my tips on how I’ve gotten myself out of the shlump and back into the game.

  1. Start slow. Nothing changes in a day. If you’re not into running, lifting, or gym-ing in general, take it one step at a time. Start by doing what feels manageable. If that means your workout is only 15 minutes, then so be it! Once you get into the swing of things, then you can always change it up.
  2. Create a routine. I like to workout 4 times a week and dedicate each day to a different set of exercises. 1 day for core, 1 day for chest and back, 1 day for arms and legs, and 1 day for a full body workout. I also like to set a goal of working out for at least 30 minutes. I mean, if I can watch 4 Grey’s Anatomy episodes in one sitting, I can definitely dedicate some time to get my blood pumping.
  3. Explore your exercises. You may laugh at me for still using Pinterest but I live for this app. Like I said, it takes time to find what works best for your level of fitness but you’re not going to know what you’re capable of if you don’t try. Each day I try to do at least 3 sets of 4 different exercises but if I’m sore or just not feeling it, Pinterest has been an outlet for me to find all sorts of new ways to target different muscles. I’m still figuring it out. *If you’re not into Pinterest, try Youtube! Some of my favorite channels are MadFit & Amanda Russell
  4. Equipment is key. I’m not saying you need to set up a whole lifting station or buy a Peloton but there’s no harm in trying to make your workouts a worthwhile experience -- in fact it could even be the reason you’re excited to try out a new exercise. Try adding 5 minutes of jump rope into your routine or using resistance bands. These help maximize results and are transportable so you can take them with you anywhere. I bought this set of resistance bands on Amazon for less than $20 and use them pretty much every day.
  5. Stretch. I cannot emphasize this one enough. I’ll read through a fitness blog, get super pumped and jump into an intense workout, feel great about myself for the rest of the day, and then BOOM, the morning hits and I can’t even lift my legs to get out of bed. If you go too hard, you’re going to find an excuse to push off your next workout. Always stretch before and after your workout so that your body doesn’t feel strained. After all, your body is also going through some adjustments to WFH. 

I could go on for days, but I’ll leave it at this: nothing changes, if nothing changes. You’re more capable than you think! 

What are your at-home workout tips? Tell us down below! xo, Mesha