5 Hacks from your Roots

Chances are you’ve had the “well, back in my day...” lecture from an older figure in your life. It gets exhausting to hear how the generations before us have hypothetically “done it better,” but we also know that sometimes (just SOMETIMES), they have a point. You heard us, your aunties and uncles might have been on to something. As our society makes a more conscious effort to shift to a cleaner lifestyle, we have also learned to embrace age-old traditions. There was once a time when everything, from medicine to beauty products, came simply from what the Earth could provide. Sometimes the old way is the best way, and thanks to the Tint Fam we have compiled a list of hacks from the different roots of our diverse community. We are so excited for you to check them out! 

  1. “If your lips are cracking apply coconut oil on your belly button, the next day your lips will be fine.” - @allspicesoflife
  2. “For a sore throat have warm water with turmeric, lemon, and honey.” -@dhwani_3194
  3. “Drinking water while sitting down always. Good for your knees.” -@smitykapoor
  4. “Gram (chickpea) flour, turmeric, a little bit of lemon juice make a great face mask!” -abhiramesh
  5. “Coconut oil was always in my hair growing up South Indian.” -@selinasithya

It was so amazing to hear all of your hacks! We loved observing the common threads between so many of the Tint Fam’s time tested tips. Start out with some turmeric, coconut oil, and lemon and see where it takes you! If you tried one of the hacks above or have a new one to share, be sure to leave a comment!