A Note From Our Founder

Hey Tint Fam,

Exciting news: we’re bringing back our Weekly Newsletter! Not sure if you remember our first newsletter ever, but let me give you a little throwback to January 2018....

We've grown so much since then but one thing remains the same - we are a community-first platform that wants the voices and stories of "every shade in between,” to be told.

Since our OG newsletter, we launched our first product made by you for you. It has been beautiful to see how we've evolved together. But I have to say, I really miss our weekly newsletter! It's just one more outlet for us to be able to connect with you, so we decided it's time to bring it back! Introducing, LT Weekly. 

This will be your go-to spot to stay connected with the community. Expect insider info on upcoming product launches, exclusive giveaways, community member spotlights, and more! I hope that this serves as another avenue for us all to get to know each other a little better, and support one another. Team LT has so much in the works and I want to make sure you’re staying informed along the way. 

This is just the beginning of something beautiful - I feel it and I'm looking forward to going on this journey together! 

Founder & CEO, Live Tinted