Ashante Evelyn

“My family has many different ethnicities. My father is Bajan, with ties to England and Trinidad, while my mother's side is mixed in practically every generation down to me. My grandmother and her sisters came from Nova Scotia in the 60s, and we have many different cultures in our bloodline including French, Italian, Nigerian, Mi'kMaq, Swedish and African-American. 

While it's amazing to have so many different ties to different races and ethnicities, coming from an extremely diverse multicultural family can be a double-edged sword. 

On one hand, it teaches you to be more accepting of others, but other times, it can make you feel like you're alone in the world because there's no one else like you. Being different is not a flaw. It's a strength that took me many years of hard work to learn. It took me some time, but I can say that I now truly love the skin I'm in for all of its complexities!"

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