6 ft apart but closer than ever.
We’re all in this together. But our communities are affected differently by this current crisis, and some bear much greater costs than others. As a beauty community, our main goal is to create moments of connection, joy and compassion through the stories we, and you, share. Through our products, we are taking this opportunity to do a bit more for those in need.
Through the end of April, 10% of all purchases on will be donated to the Coronavirus Relief Fund - an umbrella fund that splits donations across organizations fighting hunger, providing medical supplies and supporting workers in service industries.


Our manufacturing partners are affected, and thus we are out of stock on a few items.

So we created a bundle of our most popular shades - FOUND & RISE - for this moment. Right now, you can get both shades for $40, with free shipping on all US orders. Click here to shop now!

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