Embracing vs. Rejecting Your Culture

 "As a child I loved my culture, I’d only want to wear chaniya choli’s (traditional Indian outfits) and bangles. Growing up, I realized that being in touch with my heritage made me an open target for ridicule and I was called a “freshy.” Freshy: a term used against Asians/Asian immigrants, to imply that they’re ‘fresh off the boat’. It’s amazing how the fear of being referred to as a “freshy” lead me to reject my culture until I hit my 20s. I now wear a bindi everyday and it’s become a part of me, as has the trajva on my fingers and my jhumke earnings." - @heleenatattoos 

Tint Fam, it's difficult enough figuring out who you are as a child but with the addition of a diverse cultural background, navigating childhood can feel almost impossible. Did you abandon your cultural traditions when you were young? In our experience, the disconnect usually begins when starting school. At what age did you begin to shy away from all things culture? Or, did you have the contrasting experience of embracing your culture fully while growing up? We all have different stories to tell. Share your culture vs childhood experiences in the comments. (Photo by: @a8lia)