Favorite At-Home Workouts from the Live Tinted Community

Are you struggling to make time to workout while adjusting to a new WFH lifestyle? WE FEEL YOU. After a long day of work and school, the last thing we want to do is roll out our yoga mats or put on our running shoes. Making a date with our PJ’s and Netflix’s “Tiger King,” just sounds so much more inviting, right?! The motivation slump is real right now, but that’s where you come in! We asked the community for at-home workout tips, and you all definitely delivered. Reading your responses was the push we needed to revamp our fitness routines and build exercise into our WFH days! We hope these tips, from our very own Tint Fam, encourage you to stay active and break a sweat!


  • “Following Fitness Blender workouts. Love how many of them are free.” - @apconcep 

This website has every type of workout imaginable and they are completely customizable based on the equipment you have (or don’t have), duration, body focus, and so much more! Definitely worth checking out! 

  • “Tik Tok dances!” - @divyakumar

Tik Tok began as a way to pass time during the quarantine blues and has quickly turned into a Team LT obsession! Seriously we can spend hours on it! For real though, some of the dances are EXTREMELY cardio intensive. People have even created some workout challenges within the app. It is such a fun way to get up and moving!

  • “Combo of HIIT and yoga” - @mahimajensen

This is the sweet spot for some of Team LT. We love getting our heart rates up with a few HIIT exercises and then stretching it out with a few yoga flows. There are super easy HIIT and yoga tutorials to follow online to help you create a routine or you could create a set that revolves around your needs.

  • “Cleaning the house top to bottom because I’m moving to a new home. It’s a workout!” - @becks__18

This kills two birds with one stone! Between all of the scrubbing, washing, and wiping our arms definitely feel the burn after a deep clean. This is an amazing option for a busier day! 

  • “Body combat because I want to kick COVID-19’s butt!!!!” - @adithiv

Me too girl, me too! Body combat is a great option because it doesn’t require equipment or a large amount of space. There are tons of body combat classes on Youtube that you can follow along with. Kick and punch your hearts out everyone!

We would love to hear more workout-from-home tips in the comments, we’re always looking for more ways to improve our workout grind! Remember that some days are harder than others, especially during these times. Working out isn’t always in the cards and that is totally okay. Rather than stressing about it, look at it as a fun break from your desk or a way to get your endorphins flowing. Take it day by day! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 

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