Feminism as a Stigma

Photo and piece by: @passportsizedfeminists

I overheard this conversation where a girl was asked whether she identified as a feminist or not. The girl replied, “a feminist? No, I don’t believe in that. These feminists are too much. All they do is male-bashing. But I definitely believe in equal rights for all genders”... this made me think.  Is feminism not about gender equality above all? 

Thousands of women have finally found their voice in this movement. Feminism has given us the ability and courage to stand up for ourselves whenever we’re pushed into an unfair situation. So the question that arises is: why is a movement that is meant to break stigmas, creating another stigma? Why are we so afraid of labelling ourselves as feminist? Is it because of the way popular media depicts us? Efforts for equal rights are constantly engulfed in a wave of criticism coming from those that aren’t truly aware about the significance of the movement .

When we stand up for our rights, we don’t just stand up for a specific gender. Instead, we throw our fists in the air for whoever has been treated unfairly. Whether that is men who are told “boys don’t cry,” or women that are advised to “keep their opinions to themselves”. 

Tint Fam, have you been asked whether you identify as a feminist and what was your response? We’d love to know your thoughts on this matter in the comments below. 

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