Are you struggling to find a birthday gift for your Aries BFF? Have you been brainstorming ways to thank the important people in your life? Or do you simply want to treat yourself?  Problem solved! Tint Fam, we officially have gift cards! We are so excited to share this news with you and hope you love them just as much as we do. 

While we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them we also want to be as transparent as we can. As you may know, our partner factory is currently (and rightfully) not operating due to COVID-19. For that reason, some of your favorite sold out shades may take longer than usual to come back in stock. As a small business, we rely, communicate with, and lean on our amazing community, but we realize that this becomes difficult in times when not all of our products are available. 

The gift cards are a great way to support Live Tinted while you wait for us to fully restock. If you’ve been dying to get your hands on Origin or Perk, buying a gift card can help you get your hands on your fave Huestick the second it comes back in stock! You could also send a gift card to someone who may not be familiar with Live Tinted! Not only are the gift cards a great present, but they can also be used to educate your friends and family on the fight for a more inclusive beauty industry.

We cannot thank you enough for your patience and support during these troubling times and we hope that the gift cards help brighten your day! Team LT hopes you are all staying safe and healthy, we will get through this together. Enjoy the gift cards!