HUEMANS OF LT: Fleure Maricaux


Name: Fleure Maricaux

Handle: @mfleure

Your favorite Instagram post and why

My favorite Instagram post is the video behind the scenes of the Free Shoot. It is beautiful to hear about the particularity of the different models in the shoot. The feeling of community and inclusivity is very strong throughout the video. The product launched is inspired by the Live Tinted family itself and I love how genuinely the mission of the brand is transmitted. The models truly come from the founder's community and the diversity of women depicted is just incredibly touching. It makes me want to know them all and be part of the crew.

Profession: Social impact specialist for international non-profits

Cultural Background:  Belgium (Dad), Senegal, Benin, Cambodia (Mum)

Skin Tone: Light

Skin Type: Normal

Undertone: Warm

Huestick of Choice: Origin

Favorite Self-Care Practice: Yoga. Daily practice has turned out to be incredibly soothing and empowering for me during the quarantine.

Tintspiration: "There is always someone somewhere who needs to hear your story. You are an inspiration as you are. Shine and share your light." - Eternal Sunshine

Tinted Must-Have: Huestick in Origin 

Tint Topic: A cultural topic on my mind is cultural divisiveness during and after COVID. We can create positive change by all learning to understand and respect differences: learning that the world "is" because of and not in spite of diversity... By reaching out to, and creating an effective dialogue with those who seem different from us.

My favorite physical feature about myself is my full pink lips.

Tintimonial: Growing up in West-Africa as a light-skinned mixed girl, I often wished I was darker-skinned to be able to blend in and be perceived as "normal". Conscious that I was contextually representing a standard of beauty, I also grew up in a very culturally diverse family. My journey towards adulthood taught me that this sensitivity to the colorful beauty of the world is my strength. A strength I can share with the world. 

To me, Live Tinted means celebrating diversity and inclusion at a grass-roots level!