Name: Pavana Reddy

Handle: @MazaDohta

Your favorite Instagram post and why

This was the first Women’s march I had been to and it was before my first book Rangoli was released. A friend of mine saw this girl with my poem on her sign and took a photo and sent it to me, it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Profession: Writer 

Cultural Background: South Indian and Fijian

Skin Tone: Medium Dark/Warm Mocha

Skin Type: Fairly Normal

Undertone: Yellow 

Huestick of Choice: Origin and Found

Favorite Self-Care Practice: Waking up early to read

Tintspiration: “God, save us from people who mean well.” - Vikram Seth

Tinted Must-Have: Huestick in Origin

Tint Topic: A cultural topic on my mind is the impact Covid-19 had on society, and how its presence has unveiled the striking class distinction and racism that has always been present within our country. We can create positive change by being more mindful of how we can help ourselves as well as those around us, remembering our own privilege, and refraining from participating in group singalong videos of John Lennon songs.

My favorite physical feature about myself is my eyes. 

TintimonialLoving my skin is more than just a journey in growing up and learning to see the beauty in different shades. It’s more than understanding the mentality behind skin lightening creams, or feeling bad when the main character in the latest Bollywood film looks nothing like me. I learned to love my skin color with a vengeance after I lost my sister to the hate she received for being different, even from within our community. I’ve seen first hand what hate can do to an innocent life, and I refuse to let that happen to me or anyone else I love. I see the world through the lens of someone who has known a significant loss, and I try to use that to be better to both myself and those around me.

To me, Live Tinted means to be proud of the skin you’re in!