International Shipping

Tint Fam, 


We are SO EXCITED to finally share with you that we are now shipping internationally to the EU, UK, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA.


This has been the culmination of many months of work. The team was committed to finding the best providers for international shipping, while being considerate of our whole community’s needs, including low shipping costs, import duties and tracking on packages.


Before you say it: We know this doesn’t cover Huesticks in all the countries you’ve been asking for. We hear you. Our goal of shipping worldwide has not changed. Please trust that we’re hustling to make sure we get the right partners to make it happen for you. 


We created a survey so you can tell us what matters most to you when shopping for beauty products, and let us know how we can improve your #livetinted experience. For those in the countries we aren’t YET shipping to, your feedback in particular will help us make some upcoming decisions about how to get you our products - please help by filling out the survey below.


Today, we celebrate this TINTERNATIONAL milestone. Thank you for cheering us on. Stay tuned for more!


Have questions? Visit our FAQ page for details. 




Team Live Tinted