Let's Get Lost In The Sauce

Hey Tint Fam, today’s blog post is from Team LT’s, Lex, who is talking all about her music of choice! Keep reading to find out what she has to say…

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” ― Albert Schweitzer

While we all take time to process the chaos and pain around us, I feel compelled to share the source of my (relative) sanity. I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t know where we’re going. Fortunately, we humans have the primitive ability to adapt; an incredible resilience to survive and overcome. I believe that is the foundation of music’s purpose: to tell a story you otherwise couldn’t without a melody or harmony and all the sound waves and refrains. Weddings, baby showers, when we’re saying some of our hardest goodbyes — music plays a significant role in processing emotion. It simultaneously opens and heals wounds. It stores memories for us that we couldn’t access without it. It is the “great equalizer”, as they say (has anyone figured out who “they” are, yet?). I hope you can find the permission to grieve and the permission to escape to a greener place in this time of solitude through the tunes I’ve compiled together. I’ll leave you with another quote from one of the best bass players of our time, “As a musician, I’m about expressing what’s inside, and think everyone has a song in them that they need to get out, whatever their gig is.” ~ Flea 

I’d love to know what your gig is, these days. There’s a comment section below! Best song gets a dedicated video on our IG of me dancing (if you’re lucky, I’ll wear the wig). Sayonara! ~Lex

Lex's Playlist


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