Scars can be hard to embrace. It’s not surprising as many see them as flaws and try to cover them up. Also challenging, scars can be physical reminders of a traumatic event, that someone may not be ready to have documented on their body. Sometimes scars happen later in life -- altering your look and perhaps even your sense of self. It is up to the individual to decide how and when they want to embrace their scars -- and it is the responsibility of others, to never make people with scars, feel like they have something to hide.

The above photo featuring @blvk.velvet is from a powerful photography campaign by Sophie Mayanne. Since April 2017, Sophie has captured nearly 300 portraits of people with scars, and given them a platform to share the stories that go with them. The strength that emanates from the photos is magnificent and we highly encourage you to take a look at the series. Not just to see all types of people embracing the skin they're in but also to see how it IS possible for one woman's mission, to honor the things that make people different, was able to spur a whole movement. (Please be advised that the project contains content of a sensitive nature.)

We CELEBRATE scars. Scars from acne, burns, surgeries, accidents, illness… all types tell a story. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we imagine many survivors have physical (and emotional) scars that tell their journeys of courage and strength.

Tint Fam, do you have a story about scars (big or small) that you feel comfortable sharing? Did they change your self-perception? We would love for you to share; you never know who it might help. 🧡 #livetinted


Captured: @blvk.velvet

Photographer: @sophiemayanne @behindthescars_

Read about the project and the stories of those with scars here