Seema Hari

“I was the darkest person I had ever known or seen. Everyone told my parents that I would be a burden on them because no one would want to love me or marry me. Strangers on the street would ridicule me everyday and tell me I shouldn’t show my ugly face in public. Luckily in university, life threw some really solid friends my way who pulled me out of my suicidal depression, and I started to become more of myself. ⠀

"Now I don’t care about the world’s definition and standards of beauty. I’ve created my own. To me beauty is in kindness, in compassion, in creativity, in empathy and everyone who embodies these values touches my heart. I am beyond happy with who I am and how I look and wouldn’t change it for the world. We are all miracles. What’s not to celebrate?” ⠀

We are so in awe of @seemahari’s beauty, strength, and her heart. When we started the Live Tinted journey with you all, we were on the search for deeper-skinned #TintGirls but kept coming up short. When we brought the question to YOU though, #TintFam, your answers came from all directions and we were blown away by the support. That’s when we first spotted Seema - and we haven’t been able to look away since 🧡

In Seema’s words, “We are miracles. What’s not to celebrate?”.

Tint Fam, we love her spirit and want to know: how do you celebrate yourself? Let us know in the comments below. 

📷 @vinay.singh.tomar