Hey Tint Fam, today’s blog post is from Team LT’s Neilesh, who is talking all about supporting small businesses! Keep reading to find out what he has to say…

Workers in restaurants and retail have had their jobs affected by Covid-19 more so than most. Some restaurants are moving to takeout or delivery-only operations, and many have explored whether it is ethical to use these services, if they are placing others at risk - consensus is yes, but (always) tip well! Retailers have shuttered doors and are taking the opportunity to invest in their online channels.

For small businesses that have followed this path of connecting with their customers digitally, here are three easy ways to show your support right now.

First, use your voice. Reviews, likes, comments and shares are the best word-of-mouth channels to help small businesses showcase their products and services to new people. Nothing is more powerful than your friend, family member, or even a stranger you relate to, writing a genuine recommendation without the layers of filters most “marketing” content goes through.

Second, fund ahead. Businesses are facing disruptions and may not be in a position to provide the same diversity and level of offering that attracted you to them originally. Gift cards are a great way to save your commitment for a date when they’ve recovered to normalcy, while helping the small business meet their more immediate needs. (small plug: we just launched gift cards).

Last, but not least, share the stories of why you fell in love with the small business to your friends. It may be how you discovered them, their founder’s story, or even how they have stepped up during this crisis to support their communities. Many small businesses are using this time to share more behind-the-scenes content and anecdotes about their products and team.

On that note, we read a post from a scientist-friend recently on how copper tape is a great antimicrobial DIY solution for protecting your home against the virus. It reminded us of the magical properties of copper and why we were inspired to design the brushed copper color finish of the Huestick, which took a loooong time. Copper is a metal considered special by so many cultures - from its slow-cooking properties in Mexican cuisine (mmm...carnitas) to the body healing properties of copper jewelry dating back to ancient Egypt - and every culture in between. Even more so, we fell in love with copper because as it ages, it turns into all shades of patina, which is essentially rust but a much prettier word. Beauty is for all ages, we patina, we don’t rust

So, that’s a bit of the Live Tinted origin story we wanted to share - there are so many amazing small businesses who are waiting to be discovered by someone new, please take this time to find and support them. - Neilesh