How to Mask Dark Circles (PRO Tips)!

Who knows what a HuePro is? A HuePro is a professional in their industry who has tips and tricks on How to Huestick! In this video, HuePro Angie, shows us How To Mask Dark Circles and gives us some extremely useful Pro Tips. Don’t have time to watch the video? We made things easy for you and listed all the incredible Pro MUA Tips on all things dark circles, below!


STEP 1: Prep the Skin

That means making sure your skin is hydrated, prepped and ready to soak in the layers of makeup, you’ll be putting on.

  • Tip 1: Under eye cream is a game changer and a must for the most sensitive area of your face. 
  • Tip 2: Dab the cream on, don’t swipe -- swiping is harsher, does not penetrate as well and you’re applying to the thinnest area of your face so must be gentle.

STEP 2: Color Correct 

  • Tip 1: The shade you use to correct is based on the color of your discoloration and not just your skin tone.
  • Tip 2: There are no hard and fast rules -- play with the shades and figure out what works best for you!
  • Tip 3: Use light layers of the Huestick
      • Don’t put too much on first application
      • Give the Huestick time to sink in before you add more product - you may find that you don’t need any more!
      • Less is always more and “if you color correct the right way, you don’t need that much concealer and foundation!”
  • Tip 4: Dab with a blender - don’t swipe! Swiping can cause the layers below to move around.

    STEP 3: Concealer

    • Tip 1: Use two concealers -- 1 neutralizer and 1 brightening.
      • Neutralizer - use a color closest to your skin tone to neutralize the corrector, apply a thin layer and blend.
    • Tip 2: Use a different tool for each step - you don’t want to mix products on your tools or your face because it can undo all your work.
    • Tip 3: Again, dab don’t swipe because you don’t want to remove the layers of correcting you just completed.

    STEP 4: Foundation

    • Tip 1: Use less foundation than you normally would - Medium coverage would work best!
    • Tip 2: For concealer - Use 1 shade lighter than the one you previously used, to brighten.
        • You only need a small amount of concealer!

    STEP 5: Blend With Powder

    • Tip 1: Put some powder on your hand, pat sponge into powder and press in under the eyes.
      • PRESS it in because you don’t want the concealer or corrector to move.


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