How To Ombré Eye


Who knows what a HuePro is? A HuePro is a professional in their industry who has tips and tricks on How to Huestick! In this video, HuePro Mayely shows us how to create an ombre eye with our 3 OG Huesticks (Perk, Rise, & Origin). Don’t have time to watch the video? No problem! We listed out all the steps, below.

Step 1: Add PERK to the inner corner of the eyes and blend lightly with a clean brush.

Step 2: Add RISE to the center of the eyelids and blend edges lightly with the same brush.

Step 3: Apply ORIGIN to the outer corner of lids and blend edges with the same brush. 

Step 4: Apply ORIGIN to the bottom lash lines and blend with brush. 

Step 5: Add PERK to the innermost corners of the eyes to brighten.

(Optional) Step 6: Build and blend each shade until desired effect is reached!

It’s that simple Tint Fam -- all you need to create a beautiful ombre eye look in minutes! Let us know if you try this out and as always, tag us in your posts with #livetinted.

xo Team Live Tinted

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