Hey Tint Fam! While we were playing with our newest product, the UNITY BALM GLOSS, we discovered some incredible Hue Hacks that we just had to share with you!

Keep reading to find out how to use Unity Balm Gloss, and some of our favorite hacks. These are perfect to create everything from on-the-go looks or full on glam looks. 

    • Apply over Huestick on eyes, cheeks and lips for shine.
    Just apply the Huestick as normal on the eyes, lips and cheeks and then dab a small amount of UNITY over the top for an all over glossy look. Check out this quick Tintorial on how Tint Fam’s Kona layers UNITY over top our newest Huestick TRUE!
        • Wear on lips as an overnight mask to wake up with extra hydration and moisturized lips.
        • For those no makeup days, UNITY BALM GLOSS works on bare skin to bring moisture and dewiness to skin, for a glow from within look.
        • Apply on cuticles to combat dryness.

        Those are all the Hue Hacks we discovered while trying the UNITY BALM GLOSS. Are there any we’re missing? Share them in the comments below - we’d love to hear from you!

        Shop the UNITY BALM GLOSS here.

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