How To Wear A Bold Color


 Who knows what a HuePro is? A HuePro is a professional in their industry who has tips and tricks on How to Huestick! In this video, HuePro Mayely shows us How To Wear a Bold Color and gives us some extremely useful Pro Tips using our newest shade, FREE. Don’t have time to watch the video? We made things easy for you and listed some of the incredible Pro MUA Tips, below!

Tip 1: Apply the Huestick(s) on your hand to warm up the pigment and then dip a brush into the color, before applying to the face.

Tip 2: For bold color, apply the Huestick bullet directly to the desired area of the face.

Tip 3: Huesticks can be used as eyeshadow primers!

Tip 4: Apply PERK to the inner corners of eyes to brighten.

Tip 5: Apply your lip color first, then decide how much blush you want/need to apply. 

Want more tips? Watch the full video above and see more Tintorials by clicking here. 

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