Huestick Q&A with Pro Makeup Artist Kasey Spickard



 How do I pick the right shade for me?

You want to pick your Huestick shade based on the deepness of your discoloration. We recommend Perk for light discoloration, Rise for medium discoloration, and Origin for deep discoloration. Find out more about your Huestick match in this step by step blogpost on how to find your Huestick shade. 

Are all the Huesticks the same formula?

At the baseline -- yes, the Huesticks all have the same formula! The difference between each shade comes because our products are made with all natural pigments, meaning each Huestick has its own unique texture and pigment properties. The deeper the shade, the less white pigment the color has, which can make the formula appear more creamy - as it is with FOUND. On the other hand, PERK has more white pigment in it to achieve its color, so the formula can appear slightly less creamy than the rest of the shades. 

Can you use the Huesticks with just concealer on top? 

Yes you can! We designed the Huestick so less makeup can be used, not more. By applying the Huestick to your under eye circles, you’re cancelling out the blue, purple, or grey undertones that you would see through your concealer, if you didn’t use the Huestick first. You can feel free to apply just foundation over the Huestick, just concealer, or both. Whatever your preference is. 

Perk looks chalky on my lips -- how do I make it more wearable? 

One of Team LT’s favorite ways to wear PERK, is to mix it with another color like FOUND, or to pair it with a lip liner. Deepica loves to use a brown lip liner as the base for her lips and then applies PERK to the center, and tops it with gloss for a shine. 

Is it bad to use the Huesticks on different parts of your face?

Not at all! The Huesticks were designed to be non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, vegan, clean, and cruelty-free. They are also opthamologist tested, which makes these Huesticks safe to use on your eyes. Our favorite part of the Huestick is its versatility to be used anywhere and everywhere. So feel free to play all over, mix your shades, and experiment. There are no rules with makeup. 

How much product is in the Huestick?

The exact amount is on the bottom of the Huestick -- 0.1 oz of product. The Huestick is actually twistable! So if it looks like you’re running out of product, just twist up more from the bottom.


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