Introducing BALANCE

Tint Fam, say hello to our newest Huestick in BALANCE: an earthy coral that brings a burst of zest and new energy to all skin tones. 

After everything we’ve been through in 2020, we figured we could use some reinvigoration! Amidst the chaos, we’ve been searching for balance, giving attention to not just the grind but our soul as well.

PERK was too light? RISE was too deep? Your wishes have been granted! BALANCE sits between PERK and RISE in our newly revamped color corrector collection (PERK, BALANCE, RISE, ORIGIN, and FOUND) for a more inclusive range.

Our team tirelessly tested out many different corals on the market and we couldn’t seem to find one that fit all skin tones, so we created it ourselves! By expanding our color correctors, we’ve created a coral shade that’s catered towards POC, because we all know how a pasty coral can look on those of us with darker hues (yikes!). We saw you combining our three bestselling Huesticks (PERK, RISE, and FOUND), so we just had to whip up this custom shade for everyone in between. 

A radiant, earthy and joyful coral to kick off the restoration of what you define as BALANCE. Vibrant yet mellow. Edgy yet natural. We’ve never strived to fit into a box, so why start now? We’re celebrating giving equality to different aspects of your life, while striving for a new normal; just be sure to stay true to you! 

Huesticks are made with the lush skincare benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane and Vitamins C + E, to keep skin hydrated and nourished. Made with clean ingredients & safe pigments, our Huesticks boast a vegan, cruelty-free and fragrance free formula.

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