We are the CHANGE

Let’s all give a warm, Live Tinted, welcome to our newest Huestick shade, CHANGE. It’s our first shimmer shade made to celebrate our community. 

If we were to describe 2020 in one word (other than a hot mess) it would be, change. Pivot. Reshape and remake. Through change, we as humans find growth and meaning. This product is a marker of a shift that we are making in our Huestick collection, from matte color to shimmer and shine. Something to look forward to, something to hope for. Real CHANGE.

Why copper? Copper is part of our brand fabric. We choose copper because this metal is reflective, special and has warmth and the depth of our community and different cultural storylines. Copper celebrates melanated skin tones and can be manipulated and reshaped in so many fun ways in your routine to glimmer and reflect the best parts of YOU. 

The coppery hue glides on effortlessly, and in true multistick fashion, can be used on eyes as a shadow, cheeks as a highlight and on lips as a lipstick and lipstick topper. “Live Your Hues” is our mission statement, and through that, we collectively CHANGE the beauty industry.

Huesticks are made with the lush skincare benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane and Vitamin C, to keep skin hydrated and nourished. Made with clean ingredients & safe pigments, our Huesticks boast a vegan, cruelty-free and fragrance free formula.

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