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Hey Tintfam! We’re excited to share our Live Tinted Staff picks with you. The LT team was asked what their favorite products are for a full look that's quick and easy. Not only are Live Tinted products multipurpose, they can also be mixed and combined in so many ways. The possibilities are truly endless! Check out the team’s favorites below!

Unity Balm Gloss for lip balm and to tame brow hairs. Huestick in FREE on lips (blotted) and cheeks (for a flush of jammy goodness). And Hueglow in DAWN mixed into SPF.”

Asa, Director of Social Media + Creative

“I love using Hueglow in DUSK on top of or mixed in with my SPF literally everyday. Then RISE + TRUE mixed together on my cheeks and eyes, and UBG on my lips. Super quick and easy to get zoom meeting ready.” 

Tefan, Marketing + Operations Associate

“My favorite combo is to do Hueglow in DUSK mixed in with my foundation, RISE on the cheeks and eyes, RISE + ORIGIN on the lips with some UBG on top.

Sahitya, Operations Associate

“I usually try to go for neutral looks while making my eyes pop a little more, so the products I use are Hueglow in DUSK mixed in with my moisturizer, ORIGIN to color-correct, TRUE on cheeks, and UBG on lips. Then for eyes, I'll use TRUE for the base color, CHANGE for shimmer + inner corner, and either GROUNDED or FREE in the crease to add dimension.” 

Anjana, Marketing Intern 

“I use Hueglow in DUSK on my cheeks and eyelids, RISE on my lips/as a color corrector, and FOUND on my cheeks. I put UBG on my lips after putting on my Huestick and actually use UBG when I brush up my eyebrows to make a feathered look.”

Riya, Social Media Intern


We hope you enjoyed hearing what our picks are! Be sure to share your favorite ways to mix and match Live Tinted products with below and on Instagram @livetinted and tag your looks with #livetinted!


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