National Period Day

October 19th marks first-ever #NationalPeriodDay and @nadyaokamoto is the founder behind @periodmovement, an organization hosting rallies in all 50 states, demanding menstrual equity and #tampontax. Why? Because no one should have to miss school or work because they can't afford menstrual products - this is period poverty and it must end. Menstrual care is not a luxury, it is a necessity and we stand behind Nadya, PERIOD and everyone else fighting in this movement.

What can you do?
Join @periodmovement at one of their rallies.
Wear red in solidarity.
Speak out on social media using #endthetampontax and tagging @periodmovement.

Check out Nadya's Hue to Know on our page to hear about her story and how she's been making change around period poverty since she was 16. Tint Fam, let's make change together. #livetinted 🧡