Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

The Amazing Concealer isn't just for under eye circles. It is a multipurpose product that is formulated to literally erase ANY skin imperfections, from under eye circles and blemishes to uneven skin tone and sun damage all the while remaining undetectable on the skin. This cream-based formula is long wearing and no matter how much you apply - you'll never see it sitting on top of the skin. It can also be used to highlight and contour cheekbones, prime and define lips, define and highlight the brow and contour the nose and jawline. The Amazing Concealer known as the "Magic Eraser" by Professional Makeup Artists can also be mixed with the Anti-Aging Face Primer to create a tinted moisturizer. Benefits: Water-resistant, long-wearing Ultra-concentrated pigments, requires only pin-dot amounts to erase flaws Skin-like finish, skin looks and feels like skin, only flawless

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