Pat Mcgrath Labs PAT McGRATH LABS - Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil

What it is: A curated collection of waterproof eye pencils in an array of editorial-inspired shades, featuring pearlescent and matte finishes.What it does: The unique PermaGel Utra Eye Pencil formula fuses the precision of a gel and the ease of a pencil for smooth application and the highest level of rich pigmentation. The soft, silicone-enriched, waterproof eyeliner ensures long-lasting definition with a quick swipe that provides an instant, perfectly defined gaze. Once slicked onto the lids, the revolutionary formulation allows ample playtime to smudge and diffuse before setting. The pencil comes in an array of shades and finishes, from classic black and brown to glistening blue metallic, and delivers opulent opacity with a striking satin vinyl finish. Suggested Usage:For a winged liner look:-Glide the pencil from the inner corner across your eyelid.-Draw a diagonal line reaching upward to the end of your eyebrow. -Fill in the outline.-Use a cotton bud and makeup remover to correct any mistakes.For a smoky eye: -Draw a thick line across your eyelid.-Smudge the edges using your finger. -Avoid making the color sheer and less intense. -Press desired pigment onto the blackened lid and diffuse the color into the contour of the eye.-Glide the liner along the lower lid and blend the color using your fingertip.For a messy look:-Glide the pencil along the lower lash line.-Squint eyes together to transfer the liner to top lash line. -Repeat until desired level of definition is achieved. -Use your finger to smudge the liner along the bottom lash line. Pat McGrath is one of the most influential makeup artists in the world, and the impact of her work in beauty and fashion over the past 20 years is unparalleled. The visionary looks she imaginesäthen creates for runways, advertisements, and editorialädefine beauty trends of the future.

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