Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Huestick?

The Huestick is the first product to be released by Live Tinted and is the first ever multistick and color corrector with added skincare.

Huesticks are currently available in 5 color correcting shades: Found (brick), Origin (warm red), Rise (terra cotta), Balance (joyful coral) and Perk (peachy pink). We launched 6 multistick shades that the TintFam helped to build: Free (bold berry), True (dusty rose), Grounded (milk chocolate), Change (copper shimmer), a kajal Legacy (rich black) and our most recent shade Purpose (deep plum) - all of which are beautiful eye, lip and cheek colors.


How much are they?

Each Huestick is $24.

For orders within the United States, we offer Free Shipping on orders above $40.


Where are they made?

Huesticks are manufactured in the United States of America.


What do the Huesticks smell like?

The Huesticks contain no fragrance, so they are completely odorless.


How do I use a Huestick?

The Huestick can be used 2 ways, as a color corrector and as a multistick.

As a color corrector, dab on the Huestick lightly before foundation anywhere you have discoloration (hyperpigmentation, dark circles, dark spots).

As a multistick, you can swipe directly on to lips, cheeks, or eyes.


If using the Huesticks as a color corrector, do I HAVE to cover it up with foundation and/or concealer?

When being used as a color corrector, foundation is the next step. You can feel free to skip concealer, but you would need something next.


Where do you currently ship?

Currently, we ship Huesticks to US, Canada, UK, the EU (excluding Spain), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and are working on more countries! We know the TintFam is all over the world, and if you'd like the Huesticks to ship to your country, please help us by filling out the survey below.

For our European and United Kingdom community, you'll find faster and more affordable shipping rates at Cult Beauty. Cult ships to many countries around the world (including India!), but we are also building future partnerships to make shipping timely and cost effective for our global TintFam.

Due to COVID-19, international shipping times were getting very long and so we've limited certain country shipping options to Express-only. We will add Standard shipping options back once delivery times return to normal.


But are Huesticks REALLY good for my skin?

YES. Our Huesticks are packed with skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C and E, as well as Squalane - to hydrate and brighten your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: holds up to 1,000X its weight in moisture for advanced hydration

Squalane: a highly effective antioxidant and emollient

Vitamin C: works over time to visibly brighten dark spots

Vitamin E: an antioxidant that softens and moisturizes skin

This is a clean, vegan, cruelty-free product and our pigments are Carmine-free and 100% safe for your skin!

You can review our Product Details for a full ingredients list and more.


What color should I buy?

ALL the colors. Ofc.

As a multistick (lips, cheeks and eyes), the hues are universally flattering to a diverse range of skin tones and we’ve tested them out on a multitude of skin types and shades.

If you’re using Huesticks as a color corrector, the shade you use depends on how deep/dark your hyperpigmentation, dark spots or dark circles are. Check out our blog post: How to Find Your Huestick Shade for an in-depth primer on color correcting.

A great way to see what works best for you would be to mix and match a set (any color that doesn’t work well as a color corrector can always be used as a lipstick, eye shadow/pencil and blush). All the colors blend well together too - play away!



Where does the red color come from in the “Origin” (red) Huestick?

The Origin Huestick is completely free of Carmine. We use several pigments in that rich red color that are FDA approved and safe for use in cosmetics.


The mica in the Huesticks - where does that come from?

The mica in our Huestick formula is sourced from Hartwell, Georgia.


Why can’t I just use red lipstick instead of the Huestick?

You definitely can. Here are two considerations with using red lipstick instead of the Huesticks (as a color corrector):

  1. Safety: Red lipsticks typically have Carmine, which is a pigment made from bugs. While it has low toxicity, if you’re color correcting daily, it’s important to use a formula that is gentle on your sensitive under eyes. Huesticks are vegan and clean, with hydrating and skin-loving ingredients.

  2. Lasting power: Lipsticks typically spread easily - this can lead to creasing or your makeup may not last as long. Huesticks were created with lasting power in mind.

  3. Wearability: We packed the Huestick with hydrating ingredients appropriate for both lips and sensitive under eye skin, so it can set under your foundation but feel weightless and moisturizing all day.

CAN you use red lipstick? Absolutely - Deepica, our Founder and CEO certainly did when there weren’t really a lot of color correctors on the market catered to people of color. There are more options now, but we’re partial to our Huesticks!


What products / colors are you releasing next?

We've released Unity Balm Gloss, Hueglow in Dawn and Dusk, and RAYS Copper Eye MasksHueguard SPF and Superhue Serum Stick - which are the perfect prep step for the Huestick. Much more to come!

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Can I return the Huesticks if I don’t like them?

Yes! Check out our return policy and process.


Are you saying I need to use makeup to be/feel beautiful?

Never. Makeup is very much a choice, and we think all faces and skin tones are beautiful, whether they’re rocking natural skin or full glam (and everything in between)!

However, people of color have frequently reported that they struggle with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and dark circles that they wish could be properly covered by makeup (which tends to make them look gray due to the discoloration). For these people, we recommend color correctors - specifically, the Huesticks - made by and for people of color, to de-mystify and streamline color correction and makeup application (only if you want to).


I placed an order - now when will I receive my products?

YAY! We have bright, happy, shiny things coming to you soon!

Check out our Shipping Policy for order / shipping turnaround times and other details!


Are the Huesticks longwearing?

While the Huesticks aren’t specifically formulated and were not formally tested for how longwearing they are, the testers of the Live Tinted community (and the Live Tinted team) can confirm that they survived on our lips & face through meals and throughout the day.


How can I get involved with the Live Tinted Mission?

We love you, TintFam.

There’s SO much you could do to help a small startup beauty business like ours:

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How can I get in touch with our team?

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