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What is Tinted Rewards?
Tinted Rewards is a rewards program that allows you to earn Tokens every time you shop on, connect with us on social media, refer new friends and more. The more you shop, the closer you get to earning discounts!
Why Tinted Tokens?
Tinted Tokens are a form of points for tracking your progress in the Tinted Rewards program! Though tokenism can lead to BIPOC being treated as “token minorities,” we’re here to say that Tokens should be items, not people.
Does it cost anything to begin earning Tokens?
Signing up is 100% free. It will not cost you anything to join the Tinted Rewards program.
How does the VIP tiers work?
The three tiers of membership in the Tinted Rewards program, Roots, Bloom, and Marigold, require a minimum spend of respectively $50, $150, and $300 per year. Your current VIP tier is then calculated based on a dynamic 12-month period, which starts when you reach a certain tier. If you go down a level, you will still retain any previously earned points, unless they expire.
How do I redeem my tokens?
Start by logging in to your account here, then add products to your cart, and proceed to checkout when you're ready. At checkout, you'll see a prompt to redeem your tokens. Choose your reward and hit "Apply" to add the discount to your order.
Notes: Rewards cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts. If you have other discount codes, apply only one at checkout. Our Rewards program is currently not compatible with Shop Pay. To use tokens, please open an incognito page first then follow the steps above.
Do my tokens expire?
Yes, Tinted tokens expire within two (2) continuous years of inactivity in your account.
When will I receive my birthday tokens?
Birthday tokens (75 points) should be automatically added to your account on the same day of your birthday. Please note that our program has a 30-day fraud prevention system. If you've entered your birthday within 30 days of your birthday, the reward will be delayed by 30 days from the date of entry.
When will I receive review tokens?
After a few days of receiving your order from, you will receive an email requesting your review. Please use the link provided on that email to submit your review so the system can verify your purchase. Review tokens (20 points) will be added to your account once the review is published on our website.