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The onset of Live Tinted began when our founder, Deepica Mutyala, went viral with her red lipstick hack video. This video ignited Deepica’s career in beauty, and showed that we all have more in common than we realize.


Live Tinted officially launches a digital community focused on inclusive, diverse beauty. The community launched as a storytelling platform focused on underrepresented people in beauty, and their journeys with culture and identity.

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about image

Live Tinted is a movement.

Beauty is our vehicle for connection. Our multicultural community offers a place to discuss all things beauty and culture, and have those discussions lead product development.


Cultured: Culture drives our conversations, product development, and our brand mission. We are creating a community that is proud of its roots, and we want you to be proud as well.

Inclusive: Before all else, we want to harbor a community that feels like its been made for all of us. Here, no one is “too” anything, rather you are just enough.

Kind: Beauty should make you feel good, and so should this community. Kindness for us is consideration towards others - and we are always thinking of you.

Thoughtful: Our community serves as a learning platform. We are here to listen, to learn from the community’s cultural beauty stories.