TINTORIAL with @mariathattil







"Growing up as an Indian girl in Australia, I didn’t have beauty or media personalities who looked like me, to learn from or aspire to. It’s hard when no one looks like you and all you want to do is fit in. I was too Indian for my caucasian friends, but too westernized to feel like I really fit in within the Indian community. It felt like I was a hybrid, an inbetweener. As a teenager, that meant that I tried to adopt beauty practices that worked for my caucasian friends, but didn’t quite cater to my skin tone or pigmentation issues. Fast forward to my adult years, and I have a makeup artistry qualification and professional experience under my belt - and I finally know how to cater to my needs. And having an online platform means that I get to share that with a community of people of color who understand me. Particularly the second generation, children of immigrants, who like me had to grow up in a society where they needed to find their own ‘culture’. So to me, to “live tinted” is to love the home I’ve grown in whilst taking pride in where I come from. It is loving the skin I’m in, and embracing that I am one of many on a spectrum of shades, in a multicultural country, where diversity is the norm. It is to live as I am - Aussie enough and Indian enough - the by-product of a melting pot of two rich cultures, and the living embodiment of the best of both worlds."

@mariathattil Huesticks 4 ways with RISE; on her eyes, cheeks, lips & to color correct! Watch the video to see how she creates this look. #livetinted



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