The Live Tinted Limited Edition Makeup Bag

For holiday this year, we wanted to give the Tint Fam something special. For sticking with us through this difficult year, supporting our launches, and celebrating your hues with us. 

We’ve created this just for you.

When you purchase The Huestick Collection this holiday season, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind makeup pouch in our signature copper shade. It features custom Live Tinted details including soft, copper satin, the LT logo beautifully embroidered on the side, a zipper on the inside for your products, and drawstrings to set up your makeup routine with ease. 

 Just in time for Diwali festivities and a season of rich, multicultural holidays. This gift is exclusively available with every purchase of The Huestick Collection set of all 8 Huesticks. 

Pack all your beloved makeup faves for touch-ups on-the-go.

Wear it as a clutch or use it as a travel makeup bag. 

And for your holiday gifting, you can include a custom gift note to your bestie, sister, cousin or overbearing auntie this holiday season. Give the gift of Live Tinted and we’ll send #HUEHACKS along with your note, on how to take our products to the next level. It’s warm. It’s colorful. It’s cultural. It’s an extension of beauty culture from us to your special someone. It’s Tinted 🧡

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